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„Seht, wie zahlreich der Rote Mann war, bevor ihr kamt, und seht, wieviele Rote Menschen ihr getötet habt. So dürft ihr nach eurem eigenen Gesetz heute nicht hier stehen, sondern müsstet alle tot sein, wenn Euer Gesetz wahrhaftig wäre!“ Geronimo
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20:22 [MintPress News] (E)
Agent Provocateurs: Police at Protests All Over the Country Caught Destroying Property
Police all over the world commonly use plants and undercover cops to undermine protests.
10:17 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’
Germany’s federal government and mainstream media are engaged in damage control after a report that challenges the established Corona narrative leaked from the interior ministry. Some of the report key passages are: The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level. ...
18:24 [3ccorp] (E)
Trump Tweets Video Warning Of Big Tech Censorship — Twitter Immediately Censors It
By me on May 17, 2020 Twitter promptly removed a video tweeted out by President Trump warning of Big Tech censorship. Talk about irony.
15:11 [The Rutherford Institute] (E)
The Slippery Slope to Despotism: Paved with Lockdowns, Raids and Forced Vaccinations
“You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business… And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor`s office and plunge a needle into your arm.”— Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor. You have no rights. That’s the lesson the government wants us to learn from this COVID-19 business. Well, the government is wrong. For years now, the powers-that-be—those politicians and bureaucrats who think like tyrants and act like petty dictators regardless of what party they belong to—have attempted to brainwash us into believing that we have no right to think for ourselves, make decisions about our health, protect our homes and families and businesses, act in our best interests, demand accountability and transparency from government, or generally operate as if we are in control of our own lives. We have every right, and you know why? Because we were born free.
15:05 [The Rutherford Institute] (E)
The Worst Is Yet to Come: Contact Tracing, Immunity Cards and Mass Testing [SHORT]
No one is safe. No one is immune. No one gets spared the anguish, fear and heartache of living under the shadow of an authoritarian police state. That’s the message being broadcast 24/7 with every new piece of government propaganda, every new law that criminalizes otherwise lawful activity, every new policeman on the beat, every new surveillance camera casting a watchful eye, every sensationalist news story that titillates and distracts, every new prison or detention center built to house troublemakers and other undesirables, every new court ruling that gives government agents a green light to strip and steal and rape and ravage the citizenry, every school that opts to indoctrinate rather than educate, and every new justification for why Americans should comply with the government’s attempts to trample the Constitution underfoot. Yes, COVID-19 has taken a significant toll on the nation emotionally, physically, and economically, but there are still greater dangers on the horizon.
14:35 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Lies and Censorship, a Second Pandemic
Gordon Duff - On April 6, 2020, the University of Manchester published a paper titled COVID-19 Disinformation: Two Short Reports on the Russian Dimension. That paper focused on highly funded disinformation programs, some funded by the EU and/or UK governments seemingly tasked with censoring or crushing media that strayed from the official “party line.”...The report then cites how five stories were “cherry picked” from the Russian media and distorted though altering content and taking statements out of context. Thus, the highly funded “truth tellers” of “EU vs Disinfo” haven proven themselves to be a bastion of fake news.
10:24 [Advancing time] (E)
It Doesn`t Matter What You Think, Reality Is What It Is
It doesn`t matter what you think, the reality we face is what we are seeing here on the ground. Reality is what it is and our government will as usual muddle through with poorly thought out politically correct solutions geared to kick the can down the road. This brings me little delight. I have gone a bit quiet lately because of how events are slowly unfolding, the keyword, in this case, is slowly. Rather than a wave washing over us we are experiencing a troubling drip after drip of bad news which a majority of the population has now come to accept as normal. You can put lipstick on a pig but no matter what you tell yourself, it is still a pig.
11:15 [Helen of DesTROY] (E)
Duck and Cover and Burn the Heretics: the Modern-Day Cult of Corona
Fear and uncertainty have dominated the media coverage of the Covid-19 epidemic. The novel coronavirus is depicted not as a pedestrian pathogen certain to be beaten into submission by the miracles of modern science any day now, but as an invisible evil lurking everywhere, formidable enough to inspire a respectful terror even in the leading lights of the medical establishment. And in case Americans had any doubt about how they were supposed to regard this new viral threat, the establishment talking heads many rely upon for the self-assured delivery of their news have swapped their usual swagger for apprehension. Amid this ‘confidence vacuum,’ the popular response to the pandemic has taken on a religious cast.
0:45 [The Unz Review] (E)
Israel Perfecting Surveillance Tech
Leave it to the Mossad and Shin Bet to profit militarily and financially from virus. Israel’s external spy organization Mossad and its internal espionage equivalent Shin Bet have reputations that are much larger than their actual successes, but the one area where they have excelled is electronic intelligence gathering. Recent electronic spying around the White House and other federal buildings in Washington carried out by the Israeli Embassy demonstrates that Israel does not differentiate much between friends and enemies when it conducts espionage. In fact, spying targeting the U.S. is probably its number one priority due to the fact that the Jewish state is so heavily dependent on American support that it feels compelled to learn what discussions relating to it are taking place behind closed doors.
19:36 [Vice] (E)
We Saw NSO`s Covid-19 Software in Action, and Privacy Experts Are Worried
... The infamous spyware maker from Israel NSO Group, and Cy4Gate, a company that sells surveillance tools from Italy, are actively pitching surveillance tools to contain the virus to their own governments and others around the world, Motherboard has learned. ...
9:38 [Fort Russ] (E)
KENNEDY: Fake News Pusher Bill Gates Controls FactChecker and Politifact line on Vaccines
BillGates is the world’s largest vaccine producer and the single largest donor to WHO and the #CDC Foundation. Those agencies are now marketing arms for his vaccine empire. In January 2019, #Gates had WHO declare “vaccine hesitancy” the top “global health threat” (with Ebola, cancer, war, and drug-resistant pathogens), signaling a worldwide #Pharma Gold Rush to mandate vaccines to all people.
8:36 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
How Biosecurity Is Enabling Digital Neo-Feudalism
Italian master thinker Giorgio Agamben has been on the – controversial – forefront examining what new paradigm may be emerging out of our current pandemic distress. He recently called attention to an extraordinary book published seven years ago that already laid it all out. In Tempetes Microbiennes, Patrick Zylberman, a professor of History of Health in Paris, detailed the complex process through which health security, so far at the margins of political strategies, was sneaking into center stage in the early 2000s. The WHO had already set the precedent in 2005, warning about “50 million deaths” around the world caused by the incoming swine flu. In the worst-case scenario projected for a pandemic, Zylberman predicted that “sanitary terror” would be used as an instrument of governance.
20:09 [youtube/Only Observer] (E)
Police Officer Anderson On Government & Police Wrongdoings
This went viral in the USA
18:21 [Ben Swann/YouTube] (E)
H.R. 6666: $100 Billion Dollar Contact Tracing Bill About Controlling/Tracking Population
A House resolution from Illinois Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush that would put Big Government in charge of tracking citizens’ movements as they relate to COVID-19 mitigation efforts — even sending health bureaucrats to “individuals’ residences,” “as necessary,” as the legislation states
16:30 [Politico] (E)
The Secret History of Fort Detrick, the CIA’s Base for Mind Control Experiments
In 1954, a prison doctor in Kentucky isolated seven black inmates and fed them “double, triple and quadruple” doses of LSD for 77 days straight. No one knows what became of the victims. They may have died without knowing they were part of the CIA’s highly secretive program to develop ways to control minds—a program based out of a little-known Army base with a dark past, Fort Detrick.
15:05 [Global Research] (E)
Coronavirus and Dodgy Death Numbers
Not only are the coronavirus models being used by WHO and the most national health agencies based on highly dubious methodologies, and not only are the tests being used of wildly different quality, that only indirectly confirm antibodies of a possible COVID-19 illness. Now the actual designations of deaths related to coronavirus are being revealed to be equally problematic for a variety of reasons. It gives alarming food for thought as to the wisdom of deliberately putting most of the world’s people–and with it the world economy–into Gulag-style lockdown on the argument it is necessary to contain deaths and prevent overloading of hospital emergency services. When we take a closer look at the definitions used in various countries for “death related to COVID-19” we get a far different picture of what is claimed to be the deadliest plague to threaten mankind since the 1918 “Spanish Flu.”
15:57 [Fox News/YouTube] (E)
Tucker: Totalitarianism doesn`t shock us any more
#PoliceState #USA #Totalitarianism #1984
16:34 [youtube/corbettreport] (E)
Can You Find This Video?
The viral video of Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi`s Covid-19 press conference is missing . . . from YouTube. But it`s still on the web? Can you find it? Take James` challenge and find the video, save the video to your hard drive, and then tell other people how you did it in today`s hands-on edition of The Corbett Report.
12:08 [Global Research] (E)
The Farce and Diabolical Agenda of A “Universal Lockdown”
First comes the farce, an (almost) universal government lie around the globe about a deadly virus, WHO named COVID-19. The decision for a global lockdown – literally for the collapse of the world economy – was already taken at the WEF conference in Davos, 21 – 24 January 2020. On January 30, WHO declared COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). At that time, there were only 150 known COVID-19 cases outside of China. No reason whatsoever to declare a pandemic. On March 11, Dr. Tedros, DG of WHO converted the PHEIC into a pandemic. This gave green light for the start if implementing “The Plan”.
22:21 [youtube/corbettreport] (E)
The State of the Police State
Welcome to the 405th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.
10:11 [Global Research] (E)
De-mystifying the Coronavirus Statistics. Read Carefully: The Risks Are Exceedingly Low!
Please pay attention to the following statistical facts that contradict what is being propagandized on every media outlet, including television, radio and national, regional and local print media: As just one example, it must be noted that only a small fraction of one percent of the population of China ever got COVID, despite well-propagandized media reports that successfully made most of us think that the entire population of China was at risk. The assortment of statistics concerning the risks of actually getting COVID as of mid-April are far less that the 1 out of a 100 (as heralded by the media), which if true might even make me concerned. Hint: The risks are far, far less.
9:45 [AmericanRebel] (E)
What can normalcy bring?
With COVID-19 figures slowly receding, Germany is limping back to some kind of normalcy. Auto and bike shops, book dealers, barbers and most shops less than 800 m2 can now re-open (with customers 5 ft apart).
0:19 [Global Research] (E)
The Massive Covid-19 Hoax
By all accounts and from the very beginning it was clear that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) was at the very most a bad cold – little more dangerous than the annual flu – but being deliberately hyped to stampede the public into a tangled web of bad policies. As early as last month cooler-headed experts warned that hyped death rates spread by politicians, the Western corporate media, other various panic-mongers, and even World Health Organization (WHO) officials would give way to much, much lower death rates as more people were tested, found to have had the virus, and showed little to no symptoms.
11:51 [The Unz Review] (E)
Enough Is Enough
For weeks, I woke up every morning hoping to find myself in the normal world, instead of this alternative reality. The normal world where men can roam the hills, pray in the church, go to work, stay at the seashore, listen to a concert, visit museums, socialise with friends, flirt with girls, send kids to school; in short, to have the small pleasures people had had even under Stalin or Hitler’s harsh rule. Instead, I persistently wake up to play a part in a dystopian movie directed by Stephen Soderbergh, who, not surprisingly, was nominated to head the Hollywood Corona committee. I presume this committee has been managing our lives, instead of elected presidents and prime ministers.
8:16 [Global Research] (E)
The Elite’s COVID-19 Coup Against a Terrified Humanity: Resisting Powerfully
In this article I want to document a sample of the rapidly increasing evidence of how this coup is taking shape and to reiterate a strategy for defeating it.
14:03 [youtube/The Last American Vagabond] (E)
Meet The Companies Poised To Build The Kushner-Backed “Coronavirus Surveillance System”
This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 4/15
19:57 [Off-Guardian] (E)
Why are some respected alt-media embracing a police state?
It should be obvious by now to anyone that the covid19 pandemic, whatever its origins, is being used to fast forward a “new normal” world of unparalleled government power, surveillance and curtailment of individual liberty.
7:35 [The Electronic Intifada] (E)
Will EU and pandemic pave way for Israeli global surveillance?
The coronavirus pandemic is a priceless opportunity for governments and spy firms to expand their reach into people’s lives. Public health authorities say effective contact tracing will be crucial to ending broad lockdowns and quickly halting new outbreaks of the virus, at least until a vaccine is developed. That means surveillance technologies promising to quickly identify anyone exposed to the virus may indeed find a global market. The danger is that this kind of intrusive surveillance will become permanent. One firm looking to capitalize on this opportunity is Israel’s notorious NSO Group. This is the company that produces malware called Pegasus that can be surreptitiously inserted onto a target’s mobile phone.
14:12 [Blauer Bote] (E)
Corona crisis: Attorney Beate Bahner put in psychiatric ward
Beate Bahner, a specialist medical lawyer from Heidelberg who had filed a complaint against the state of Baden-Württemberg and a constitutional complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court, was sent to psychiatric ward against her will on Easter Sunday. The reason given by the police was that she had „made a confused impression“.
12:57 [Sputnik] (E)
WhatsApp to Impose Limit on Forwarded Messages to Slow Spread of Coronavirus Fake News
The world’s most popular messaging application, WhatsApp, has inadvertently become an epicentre of misinformation and rampant spread of fake news via videos and forwarded messages. With the coronavirus pandemic raging across the globe, the messaging platform will contribute its bit by imposing restrictions on forwarding.
7:21 [Know More News/Youtube] (E)
Coronavirus: The Police State Perfect Storm w/ Whitney Webb
#PoliceState #CyberAttacks #Disruption #USElections #IsraeliIntelligence #Unit8200
13:50 [blacklistednews] (E)
YouTube Bans Christian Broadcaster TruNews For `Hate Speech`
"It was only a matter of time, YouTube finally canceled our channel," Wiles said on his show Thursday. "What was our crime? They accused us of hate speech." "Of course, there is no such thing as hate speech -- it`s a crime that was invented by the political left several decades ago," he said. "What it really means is free speech that somebody doesn`t like."
13:49 [electronic intifada] (E)
US bars entry to researcher who exposes Israeli rights abuses
The US has effectively denied entry to Eyal Weizman, founder of the research group Forensic Architecture
8:18 [CBSNews/YouTube] (E)
Racial Profiling 2.0
As police departments turn to big data to help reduce crime in their neighborhoods, advocacy groups are sounding the alarm about high-tech racial profiling. The algorithm-driven systems analyze supposedly impartial historical crime data to predict where crimes will occur or who might commit them. but critics say the data can actually reinforce biased past police practices. This CBSN Originals documentary raises the question: Are predictive policing programs actually super-charging racial bias?
19:48 [The Jimmy Dore Show/YouTube] (E)
Facebook Censoring Reporting On Buttigieg Cheating
Jimmy Dore and his guests break it down.
7:39 [Know More News/YouTube] (E)
Alarming Origins of New Facial Recognition Company
#N.Y.TimesArticle #FacialRecognition #Clearview #Facebook #Zionism #NSA #Unit82100 #PopulationControl #Weaponization #PeterThiel #Palantir
7:38 [The Real News Network/YouTube] (E)
They Killed a Man in Prison, This is How They Covered it Up
New documents reveal how prison authorities tired to cover-up the death of man how died of dehydration in a jail cell, evidence former prisons say shows the system is irreparably corrupt
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