Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Man vergißt vielleicht, wo man die Friedenspfeife vergraben hat. Aber man vergißt niemals, wo das Beil liegt.
  Mark Twain
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0:15 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Dave Murphy: Will Monsanto`s Loss Result In Less Poison In Our Food?
In November 2016, a very concerning report -- Glyphosate: Unsafe On Any Plate -- was released by The Detox Project and Food Democracy Now!, raising the alarm of the high levels of glyphosate in the US food supply and the (deliberate?) low levels of awareness of its associated health risks.Soon after its release, we brought Dave Murphy, executive director of Food Democracy Now!, on the podcast to explain the explosive findings within this report on the world`s most-used herbicide (more commonly known by its retail brand: Roundup). We asked: Are we being poisoned in the pursuit of profit?
16:02 [Natural Blaze] (E)
Bob’s Red Mill Faces Class Action Lawsuit over Glyphosate Weedkiller Contamination
Citing a recent report by the Environmental Working Group finding traces of the ‘known carcinogen’ glyphosate in Cheerios, Quaker Oats and other oat-based breakfast foods, plaintiffs Tamara Frankel and Natasha Paracha said Friday that Bob’s Red Mill knew its oat products contain or likely contain the chemical, but didn’t disclose it on the label.
13:23 [Sputnik news] (E)
Vietnam Wants Monsanto to Pay for Chemical Warfare Waged by US Troops - Reports
A landmark court ruling in the United States prompted the Vietnamese government to demand compensations from Monsanto for the suffering caused by one of the company’s most notorious products. Vietnamese authorities demand that agrochemical giant Monsanto provide compensation to the victims of Agent Orange, a harmful toxic defoliant employed by the US military during Vietnam War.
19:17 [Amerika21] (D)
Mehr Land und bessere Bedingungen für Kleinbauern in Kuba
Landwirtschaft soll angekurbelt werden. Bisher nur 20 Prozent der benötigten Nahrungsmittel produziert. Importe kosten zwei Milliarden US-Dollar im Jahr
20:24 [collective-evolution] (E)
Media Misses Key Detail On Recent Trump GMO/Pesticide Ban ‘Lifting’, Here’s Why
The Facts: Trump`s administration recently released a memo cancelling a 2014 Obama-era memo about GMOs and neonicotinoid pesticide use. The media covered this story as a `lifting of a ban` on GMOs, yet that`s not what either memo says.
22:21 [Querdenkende] (D)
Glyphosat-Urteil beeindruckt Bayer-Tochter Monsanto keineswegs
Was interessieren Konzerne und Finanzgiganten die Belange des einfachen Mannes, der Politik? Losgelöst im Vakuum einer selbsterschaffenen Welt ungehinderten Deligierens riesiger Geldflüsse, bestimmen Investmentgesellschaften den Weg, wie und wo es langgeht.
11:48 [kinesiologieblog] (D)
Glyphosat von Monsanto / Bayer – in den USA erzeugt das verbreitete Gift Krebs, in Deutschland nicht?
Jedes Jahr eine halbe Million Krebs-Neuerkrankungen in Deutschland. In den USA erzeugt Glyphosat Krebs, hier nicht. Hier wird es massenhaft verwendet.
20:30 [Natural Blaze] (E)
Jury Ruled Monsanto Liable in Case of Man Dying of Cancer After Using Weedkiller
It is with great relief that we announce the following: Monsanto corporation – now a part of Bayer – lost the trial of the century against a man dying of cancer, his cancer alleged to be caused by Roundup herbicide.
16:21 [naturalnews] (E)
Glyphosate use Suspended in Brazil as cancer concerns take center stage
Upon hearing how dangerous glyphosate is, many people’s first question is why it is allowed to be sold if it is so deadly. The answer to that question, at least in the U.S., is very complex and involves a lot of money and political maneuvering.
14:43 [dailymail] (E)
`People deserve better`: Father-of-two groundsman, 46, who is dying of cancer slams Roundup in first ever trial over the weedkiller`s links to cancer
A California groundskeeper dying of cancer is testifying before jurors hearing evidence in his lawsuit blaming Monsanto weed killer Roundup for his terminal illness.
14:46 [DLF] (D)
Argentinien: Krank durch Glyphosat?
In Argentinien werden Glyphosat und andere Agrarchemikalien in riesigen Mengen eingesetzt, vor allem beim Anbau von genmodifiziertem Soja. Es gibt zwar wissenschaftliche Hinweise, dass dies auf Kosten der Gesundheit der Landbevölkerung geht. Aber in Politik und Medien findet keine Diskussion darüber statt.
1:07 [naturalblaze] (E)
GMO Grass Escaped in the Grass Seed Capitol of the World
A variety of bentgrass, genetically engineered by Scotts Miracle-Gro and Monsanto to tolerate the glyphosate herbicide Roundup, escaped from an experimental field planting in Eastern Oregon 15 years ago, and continues to plague area farmers.
19:23 [Neulandrebellen] (D)
Bratwürste für 2,99? Bin ich Krösus, oder was?
Deutsche Handelsketten bieten Lebensmittel so günstig an, wie man sie sonst fast nirgends in Europa bekommt. Dieses vermeintliche deutsche Wirtschaftswunder ist ein Raubbau an anderen Volkswirtschaften und an unseren eigenen Ressourcen.
17:26 [The Packer] (E)
Cyclospora cases increase in Del Monte vegetable tray outbreak
The Food and Drug Administration says more than 200 consumers have become ill after eating certain Del Monte vegetable trays.
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