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Was man heute bekämpfen muss, ist die Angst und das Schweigen... Was man verteidigen muss, ist der Dialog und die weltweite Kommunikation zwischen den Menschen.
  Albert Camus
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19:56 [RT] (E)
Putin & Erdogan face media after talks on Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan are speaking to reporters in Sochi, following talks focused on Turkey’s military operation in Syria. The meeting lasted almost seven hours – significantly longer than initially expected – and left journalists waiting for the two leaders for quite a while.
3:04 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
The Art of the Flank: India and Other Asian Nations Join the Polar Silk Road
Matthew Ehret - The best partnerships occur when all participants have special talents to bring to the relationship which makes a whole more powerful than the sum of its parts. This is the beauty of the multipolar alliance formed by Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and a growing array of Asian, African and South American statesmen in recent years. When it became evident that the regime change wars that grew out of 9/11 were not merely driven by oil profits- but were rather designed to prevent the possible formation of an alliance of Eurasian nations, a counter-offensive was adopted by those targeted Eurasian powers to ensure their survival and international stability.
6:56 [SouthFront] (D)
Russland – China: Strategische Kooperation oder militärisch-politisches Bündnis?
Im Zusammenhang mit dem 70sten Geburtstag der Volksrepublik China und der Aufnahme diplomatischer Beziehungen zwischen unseren Ländern wird Chinas Zukunft im Westen, speziell die Möglichkeiten seiner militärisch-politischen Zusammenarbeit mit Russland, erörtert.
12:46 [Press TV] (E)
China, Russia FMs pledge to expand strategic partnership amid US hostilities
China and Russia have vowed to enhance and implement their strategic partnership in talks at the UN headquarters in New York between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.
6:34 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
China, Russia and Iran: Basis of the New Geopolitical Order
James ONeill - In a recent very insightful article, analyst Alistair Crooke argued that the United States was institutionally incapable of making a substantive deal with Iran. Written before the recent removal of national security adviser John Bolton from his position, Mr Crooke argued that decades long sanctions have become a “knot” that is difficult, if not impossible, to untangle. Bolton’s removal is certainly a factor in potentially improving United States – Iran relations, but there are other factors that will have a longer-term influence in determining the nature of the relationship between the two countries. These factors relate both to the past and, in this writer’s view more importantly, to the future.
18:18 [Press TV] (E)
Iran, Turkey agree to increase use of local currencies in trade: Chief banker
The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says use of local currencies in bilateral trade with Turkey would increase thanks to new agreements reached on the sidelines of a high-profile meeting between presidents of the two countries.
18:16 [Press TV] (E)
Iran-Turkey-Russia cooperation promotes Syria security: Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says cooperation among Iran, Russia, and Turkey, as the three guarantor states of a ceasefire regime in Syria, has promoted security in the war-ravaged Arab country.
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